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Clinic Mourns Passing of Ambassador William vanden Heuval

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By Ava Lubell
June 21st 2021

On June 21, 2021, Clinic Director Mark Jackson addressed the community on the passing of Ambassador William vanden Heuval:


I am writing with the sad news that the clinic’s most generous individual donor, Ambassador William vanden Heuvel, passed away last week.  

I am including a link to his obituary from The New York Times, and encourage you to read it, because it describes how one Cornell Law School graduate went on to lead a public life of true purpose and import.  And what a life!

I have always felt humbled and honored by his support for, and interest in, the work that we do.  In his honor, I plan to feature on our website going forward this line from a piece he wrote for the Columbia Journalism Review:  “The right to know in a democracy frequently depends on the demand to know by the media.”

Let’s all commit — no matter what careers we choose to pursue — to lead a life of honor, commitment, purpose and dignity. 

My very best,